Saturday, November 22, 2008

whoah time is flying by

23 and a half weeks! Woah!

Wellll we are having a little boy, his name will be Michael Alan Sauls. AWWWWW.

I am now on day shift and feel like a human again. The guys from my old shift got together and bought me a car seat for Michael. AWWWWW!! I miss them!

I went from not showing very much to big pregnant lady overnight it seems.

I'm excited for next week because my friend Jamie is visiting and also Selena is driving across country as I type. She is driving with her husband, three kids and a cat, from VIRGINIA. Yes she is slightly crazy.

I can eat more food now, although I am not feeling great today I am not throwing up either.

Michael kicks me a lot. All day long actually. He must sleep when I sleep because he doesn't keep me up and I don't really notice times when he is still.

I am ready for dinner and a nap, but life is good. I can't wait for Thanksgiving next week. yummy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

17 weeks and counting...DOWN!

Ok so I would like to meet whoever says morning sickness goes away after the first trimester.

Here I am at 17 weeks and crying as I look at myself in the mirror. My face is covered in little red dots that are from broken blood vessels from puking my guts out day after day.

I look like... well I guess I look like I have horrible acne. Litterally, my whole face and part of my neck are covered in little red dots.

I should have stayed home today, but right before work, as I was trying to choke down some nutrition, my boss sends me a message with some grim news.

It seems the world recession has affected my company. Our area has already let some people go and slowed production to a minimum. But now, our shifts are limited to 40 hours a week.

We went from 5 days of overtime a month to not even being able to work our full work week.

So, now I am pregnant and people are losing their jobs all around me and our company is slowing down and I am starting to stress out. 4 months ago, it was a good time to get pregnant. Now, I am worried that my husband or myself or God forbid, both of us will lose our jobs.

Its not a good time to miss work. So I drug myself and my broken face into work today.

On a positive note, I find out the gender of our little bean of love in 15 days. :) I am looking forward to that. I am hoping seeing my baby again on the ultrasound will lift my spirits.

to be continued...

Monday, September 8, 2008

morning sickness, crams, sleeplessness, restless legs... oh man

Well. I forgot my password to this site because of all it's password restrictions, grrrr. I remembered it. (duh)

Well I thought I was in the clear with morning sickness but now, starting at week 11 or so, it has come back. I don't feel queezy anymore, just a heavy gagging feeling that doesn't really go away and makes me puke without warning.

If I eat, I am not nauseus, but my legs are restless. So strange. Soda helps settle my tummy but I try not to drink so much of it due to the caffine.

I still have not tackled the office that will become the baby's room. It's a DISASTER. I should post a before and after pic.... if I ever get an after pic lol.

We went for our ultrasound on Sep. 5th. We couldn't tell if it was a girl or a boy but we did see the baby is growing normally and was VERY active. It raised its left arm above it's head and Darren and I both went "whoah" and then laughed. It caught us off guard. Its so amazing that in 12 weeks and 2 days this little human is fully functional inside the womb

Well I have to go make a lunch and get ready for work. blah. I want to see if I can figure out how to post the ultrasound pics...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Last week of the first trimester

Well, I have passed the 11 week mark. I am now in my last week of the first trimester!

I bought a doppler so I can hear my baby's heartbeat any time I felt worried, but I bought a 3mhz and it turns out that a 2mhz is better for earlier detection. I was still able to find thse heartbeat though :-) (but only for a second)

Gender - When I first found out I was pregnant, I swore it was a girl. Now that it's been a while I'm not so sure anymore. My grandma Ruth says it's a girl and both me and my mom had dreams I had a girl. Aunt Nana says it's a boy and I really have no idea now haha.

I fell asleep on the couch today and had the show "the first 48 hours" on the tv. It went into my dream and I was dreaming I was in some sort of under cover sting to find a murderer. Dreams are so vivid now that I am pregnant. I can't believe it. It's like I am watching a movie instead of sleeping!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My first blog

Welcome to my blog!

I should have started this 11 weeks ago. I am 11 weeks pregnant (tomorrow) and hopefully I can keep an ongoing journal of our hopes, fears, dreams and events.

I have had little side effects from my pregnancy. The biggest being the nausea. CONSTANT nausea. I've only actually thrown up twice though and the last couple days it seems it is easing up a bit. My other side effects include heartburn , constant sleepiness and restless legs (especially after eating).

...We heard the heartbeat for the first time on August 22nd. It was the most amazing moment of my life. *tear*

I was prepared for the doctor to not be able to find the heartbeat with the doppler since it was "very early" still. But she found it right away and I teared up and burst into laughter.

My laughing belly shook the doppler off and she had to re-find the heartbeat 3 times. :-)

Darren was amazed at the sound and had his very first encounter with our little alien. Before that moment all he knew was his wife was a crazy psycho that slept 24/7. :P

Our first ultrasound will be September 5th, we can't wait!!