Saturday, November 22, 2008

whoah time is flying by

23 and a half weeks! Woah!

Wellll we are having a little boy, his name will be Michael Alan Sauls. AWWWWW.

I am now on day shift and feel like a human again. The guys from my old shift got together and bought me a car seat for Michael. AWWWWW!! I miss them!

I went from not showing very much to big pregnant lady overnight it seems.

I'm excited for next week because my friend Jamie is visiting and also Selena is driving across country as I type. She is driving with her husband, three kids and a cat, from VIRGINIA. Yes she is slightly crazy.

I can eat more food now, although I am not feeling great today I am not throwing up either.

Michael kicks me a lot. All day long actually. He must sleep when I sleep because he doesn't keep me up and I don't really notice times when he is still.

I am ready for dinner and a nap, but life is good. I can't wait for Thanksgiving next week. yummy!

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Selena said...

Time really is flying by! You've had your baby LOL. Time to update your blog. Love you and congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!